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The true salon classics and more.

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$105 - $180    1.5-3hrs

full (throughout whole head) $180

half (ears up) $150

partial (through part and around face) $125

halo (around hairline/10 or less foils) $105

all include blonding, balayage or highlights. toning, blowdry and style.   

Root Retouch

$80   1hr 30mins

root color applied to darken and/or cover greys. blowdry & style included.

Milbon Hair & Scalp Spa Treatments

$50 - $80   30mins-1hr

We are the only salon in the area that carries this super special line of Japanese hair care/providing these unique salon treatments. There's NOTHING else like it!

includes scalp massage, hot towels and steam for relaxation and product penetration. Completed with a blowout & style at the end of the service and a take home Treatment to prolong your results for 5 weeks! Intense Scalp, Indulging Hydration, Illuminating Glow, ANTI FRIZZ or Vitalizing Dimension (Repair & Volume) Treatments are available to choose from to customize the service to your specific needs! Choose between an hour long spa like treatment with the spa enhancements listed above for $80 or just the treatment for $50. can be added on to any other service.

All Over Color

$120    2hrs

color applied from root to ends on dry hair. blowdry & style included.


$25-$45   15-30mins

you have the option to choose to get your haircut with a relaxing shampoo, condition & blowout or just the haircut on dry hair.

Mini Maintenance

$50-$75    30-45 mins

cover greys or lighter natural roots efficiently between full root touch up applications, includes color around hairline & through part, blowout and style included- Mini Refresh

in between full blonding services, brighten up around face and ends (if necessary), root smudge, toner, blowout and style included - Blonde Refresh

Bleach Retouch

$105+   2 + hours

solid blonde maintenance. bleach applied directly to roots. starting price, depending on root growth.



All of our hair extension packages include the highest quality & uniquely chosen weft hair extensions that are custom colored to match our goal, seamless installation, blending to perfection & on trend styling to make your dreams come to life! + a custom VB Extension Care Goodie Bag. All Packages require a consultation and 50% nonrefundable deposit.

packages range from $900-$1800 depending on natural hair density and length and goals. 

contact for a complimentary consultation or schedule online.


$50   45 mins

gloss highlights to refresh, temporarily change your tone or bring it back to what it was at your last appointment. blowout & style included.

Smoothing Treatment

$150-$250   2-3hrs

using an all natural, gentle & healthy process, we remove all frizz from your hair that lasts 3+ months. this means when you are out in the humid weather your smooth style will remain perfect. option to add straightening to this service.

Big Transformations

$$$  4+ hrs

whether you need a color correction or want a big color change, we love to help you achieve your goals with your hair health in mind. this service is available and priced based on your specific needs.

Shampoo & Blowout

$30 - $35   30mins

shampoo, blowout & custom style for a special occasion or just because!

Hair Loss Solutions HeadSpa

$150   1hr 30mins

hair growth stimulating / scalp facial treatment head spa that incorporates high quality Milbon Japanese scalp stimulating products made with all natural botanicals to stimulate dead hair follicles to produce more hair. This service includes take home products to get your hair regrowth journey jump started. results take 3-6 months to notice, there are no side effects and its completely safe for you, your hair and your color. this in salon treatment is meant to be done every 6-8 weeks along with daily use of take home products for the greatest results.

Hair Service add ons

$15-45   15 mins or less   

ADD gloss/toner $20

ADD halo foil (around hairline or 10 foils) $30

ADD color (extra bowl, lowlight, root color) $25

ADD blonde ends $45

ADD softly brightened ends $30

ADD clarifying treatment $15

ADD haircut (haircut only) $25

eyebrow wax $12

eyebrow tint $15

lip wax $8

chin wax $8

**please note, some of our newest stylists include haircuts in the color pricing, we will clarify if necessary**

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