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Grow with us.


Our Mission

At Vista Belle Salon, our top priority is for our Stylists to be happy and feel successful & stable in their career as a hair stylist. We want you to have consistency with unlimited growth opportunities. 

We want to help you work smarter, not harder and teach you everything you need to know to do so. This will give you freedom outside of work hours giving you the flexibility of an independent stylist, without all of the drawbacks. 

Our Culture

We are a team based salon, working together and supporting each other like a family. We support not only your professional goals but your personal ones as well and hope to give you a sustainable work/life balance while never hating being at work. 

What We Offer

We provide everything you need to work your magic in the best way possible. We provide outside education along with knowledge we already have, preparing you to be the most confident you can be behind the chair.

Our salon owner and salon manager have taught extension education in the past and certifies all of our stylists in all of the trending extension techniques. We also provide a 4 month -Master Stylist Program- for new stylists to jump start your career as a hair stylist. 

We are a Modern Commission salon, offering consistent competitive compensation and all of the benefits of an independent stylist, & more!

To apply, please click below to email Chloe, the owner.

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