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Extension Testimonial

"After my very near fatal farming accident, I found myself missing a great deal of who I used to be. The thought of losing not only time and ability but physically not looking like who I saw myself to be was terrifying,  my Stylist at Vista Belle has always taken time to know not only my hair goals but who I was.  She was able to recommend hand tied extensions to supplement my natural hair until regrowth began.  She was able to seamlessly install the rows and color match effortlessly.  Those who didn’t know the copious amount of hair loss I experienced from heavy amounts of medication needed to keep me alive, believed I was blessed with perfect hair. I have never looked back and have held onto my extensions.  Often my Stylist takes a moment to revel in the healthy natural growth my hair has on full move up appointments, but I cannot stomach the idea of not having the lush bounds of locks my extensions offer me.  Given endless amounts of time, I would never be able to achieve the look I have accomplished with my extensions.  I was able to walk out of the salon a few hours later empowered to push forward with whatever life brought me knowing I looked my absolute best!"                           -Megan H.


Extension Packages 

All packages below include the highest quality & uniquely chosen weft hair extensions that are custom colored to match our goal, seamless installation, blending to perfection & on trend styling to make your dreams come to life! + a custom VB Extension Care Goodie Bag. All Packages require a consultation and 50% nonrefundable deposit.

Sapphire Package

Extensions are not just for length! This package is for you if you have the length you want but need that extra fullness to give you more confidence- using hair extensions.

Starts at $800

Emerald Package

If you are unhappy with the length of your hair and want the flexibility to change up your look, this package is for you! This option adds the appropriate amount of hair extensions to extend your natural hair & add inches.

Starts at $1350

Diamond Package

For the Gal who needs significant length, fullness and that overall WOW factor- this is for you! Let us create your dream hair goals & really bring them to life, leaving the salon feeling like a new woman with a whole new head of hair you thought you could only dream of!

Starts at $1700


Ruby Enhancements

a perfect addition to your Weft Extensions to add fullness around your hairline or add pops of color to your natural hair, the possibilities are endless! Each of these options are priced with hair, installation and color to extensions.

Keratin Bonds (K-Tips) - $15/bond

Maintenance - replaced every 2- 4 months, depending on bond size. Hair replaced every time. Ideal for smaller pieces added or fine hair.

I-Tips - $15/bond

Maintenance - mini move up (4 weeks) $2/bond

full move up (8-12 weeks) $5/bond

Hair replaced every 2-3 full move ups. Ideal for more defined pops of color and medium-thick hair.

Tape Ins - $50/bond

Maintenance - move up (4 weeks) $20/bond

Hair replaced every 6-8 move ups. Ideal for extreme pops of color or more noticeable fullness and any hair type.


1 row move up $100

2 row move up $200

3 row move up $300

bead scootch = $50

(in between full move ups)

removal - $100/hr

no matting/well taken care of normally takes 15mins ($25)

*consultation required to determine which package suits you best. a non refundable deposit of 50% the total is due when install appointment is scheduled. color not included in this pricing.

ready to book a Consultation?

Hand Tied Extension Home Care

We use top quality hand tied or machine tied wefts which we order for you.

-wash using only salon quality sulfate free shampoo and conditioner

(refer to                                    page to see what we recommend)

-style using only high quality salon products

-use high quality hair oil on ends at least once a day

we love the Loma Nourishing Oil or others that we carry in the salon

-wash no more than twice a week if possible

you can go longer if you want. every time your hair is washed, the color will fade and the extensions will dry a bit more

-brush everyday, morning and night, in between the rows

this helps with possible matting

-use only brushes made for extensions or ones we recommend

these are gentle on the extensions and allows you to brush with ease

-be careful when using a round brush

it can cause unraveling on the top of the wefts

-do not sleep with hair wet

blow dry the roots at least

-wear hair in braids or low pony while sleeping

-avoid salt water, pool water and lake water as much as possible

if you can't avoid, coat extensions in conditioner and wear in tight braids or a bun

-use only mineral sunscreen

we recommend this one                                                         

-if on a boat, wear in high bun or braid

to avoid unmanageable tangles

-avoid saunas, hot tubs/anything with a lot of hot steam when wearing bonded extensions

-do not go over 10 weeks for move ups (or less depending on how fast your hair grows)

by following these home care guidelines, you can insure your wefts will last as long as possible (typically 6-8 months)

we do not offer refunds of any kind 

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