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       ALL OVER COLOR $120 2 hours. color applied from root to ends on dry hair. haircut, blowdry & style included.

ROOT RETOUCH $72 1 hour 30 mins. root color applied to darken and/or cover greys. haircut, blowdry & style included.

BLEACH RETOUCH $105 2 hours. solid blonde maintence, bleach applied directly to roots. haircut, blowdry & style included. if toning is desired there will be an additional charge ($15 each)

TONER  & STYLE $48 30mins. wash, custom tone, blowdry & style

HAIRCUT  WASH & STYLE $45 30mins. shampoo & hair treatment, custom cut, blowdry & style

HAIRCUT ONLY $25 15mins. custom cut & style

ADD GLOSS +$15             ADD HALO FOIL +$30          ADD COLOR +$25          ADD softly brightened ends +$30        ADD blonde ends +$45

*extra color charge may be added* 

New Extension Installs include

a full extension transformation, customized for your personal needs to accomplish your hair dreams!

You will also be sent home with a goodie bag that has all of your extension care necessities!

Consultations are required. 50% of package price will be your non-refundable deposit. Color services are not included in this pricing.

Refresh Menu

PLATINUM CARD $240+ 4+ hours. every hair in foil to create solid blonde or correct color

FASHION COLORS custom pricing. to lighten first $15/foil & $45/bowl of fashion color

Transformation Menu

MINI REFRESH $50 30 mins. cover greys or lighter natural roots efficiently between full retouch appointments. includes color around your hairline and through your part area, wash & blowdry.

BLONDE REFRESH $75 1 hour. great for in between full blonding appointments. brighten up around face and ends (if needed), root smudge and toner, wash & blowdry


Treatment & Styling   Menu

SHAMPOO & STYLE SHORT $30 LONG $35 30mins. shampoo, blowout & custom style for a special occasion or just because!

SPECIAL OCCASION UPDO $65 45mins HALF UP $45 30mins

SMOOTHING TREATMENT + Straight $250 2.5-3hours. removes all frizz and most curl.

SMOOTHING TREATMENT  $150 1.5-2hours removes all frizz.

both will last 3-6 months  or longer depending on how often you wash and what you wash with. each wash the treatment fades just a tiny bit and once the 3-6+ months is over your hair will go completely back to normal. safe and healthy on your hair, will cut down on dry and styling time. will also keep hair from frizzing in humid weather.


Blonding Menu

 FULL  $180  3 hours. full blonding, balayage or highlights. toning, haircut, blowdry and style included.   


HALF  $150 2 hours 30 mins.  from ears up blonding, balayage or highlights. toning, haircut, blowdry and style included.

PARTIAL  $125  2 hours. through part and around hairline. toning, haircut, blowdry and style included.

HALO  $105 1 hour 45 mins. brightening around hairline. toning, haircut blowdry and style included.

Maintenance Menu

Unfortunately, we do not have haircuts available to schedule online. Please call the salon at (765)732-3432, email or message on social media to schedule a haircut appointment.

disclaimer- all hair services start with a consultation where we determine what your hair needs, pricing and timing of the service. hair color can be unpredictable depending on your hair history, trauma history, hormones and other variables. we will always do our best to achieve your hair dreams but the health of your hair is our top priority. we vow to always be honest with you about realistic goals and what your hair can handle, but there are things we don't know until we start the coloring process. please refer to our policy for more information.

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