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Extension Testimonial

"The adage “look good, feel good” has ever been more appropriate than in my circumstance.  After my very near fatal farming accident where I spent an exorbitant time hospitalized and under significant amounts of medication I found myself missing a great deal of who I used to be. I have always had very fine hair before my accident.  The thought of losing not only time and ability but physically not looking like who I saw myself to be was terrifying,  my Stylist at Vista Belle has always taken time to know not only my hair goals but who I was.  She was able to recommend hand tied extensions to supplement my natural hair until regrowth began.  She was able to seamlessly install the rows and color match effortlessly.  Those who didn’t know the copious amount of hair loss I experienced from heavy amounts of medication needed to keep me alive, believed I was blessed with perfect hair.

I have never looked back and have held onto my extensions.  Often my Stylist takes a moment to revel in the healthy natural growth my hair has on full move up appointments, but I cannot stomach the idea of not having the lush bounds of locks my extensions offer me.  Given endless amounts of time, I would never be able to achieve the look I have accomplished with my extensions.   I was able to walk out of the salon a few hours later empowered to push forward with whatever life brought me knowing I looked my absolute best!"                           -Megan H.

extension packages

All packages below include the highest quality & uniquely chosen weft hair extensions that are custom colored to match our goal, seamless installation, blending to perfection & on trend styling to make your dreams come to life! + a custom VB Extension Care Goodie Bag. All Packages require a consultation and 50% nonrefundable deposit.


1 row move up $100

2 row move up $200

3 row move up $300

bead scootch = $50/row

(in between full move ups)

removal - $100/hr

no matting/well taken care of normally takes 15mins ($25)

*consultation required to determine which package suits you best. a non refundable deposit of 50% the total is due when install appointment is scheduled. color not included in this pricing.

by following these home care guidelines, you can insure your wefts will last as long as possible (typically 6-8 months)

we do not offer refunds of any kind 

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